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        Zhenjiang Shuangying Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003. It is situated in the southern suburb of historical city Zhenjiang City. 70 kilometers away from Nanjing in the west, 2 hours away by Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway from Shanghai, close to the newly-built Yangzhou-Liyang Expressway, it is easy of access.Our plant is situated in Lingang Industrial Park, Yanweigang Town...

        It specializes in producing carboxylic acid, nitrile and acyl chloride products

        As well as company objective of "sincerity, reputation, and customer satisfaction"

        Based on excellent management team and strong technical force

        Product Name:4-Chlorophenylace
        CAS No.:1878-66-6
        User:Pesticide intermed
        Product Name:2-Chlorophenylace
        CAS No.:2444-36-2
        User:Pesticide intermed
        Product Name:2,4-Dichloropheny
        CAS No.:19719-28-9
        User:Pesticide intermed
        Product Name:3,4-Dichloropheny
        CAS No.:5807-30-7
        User:Pesticide intermed
        Product Name:o-Tolylacetic aci
        CAS No.:644-36-0
        User:Pesticide intermed
        Product Name:4-Fluorophenylace
        CAS No.:405-50-5
        User:Pharmaceutical int
        Product Name:2-Fluorophenylace
        CAS No.:451-82-1
        User:Pharmaceutical int
        Product Name:3-Chlorophenylace
        CAS No.:1878-65-5
        User:Pharmaceutical int
        Add:Rongxi Road,Rongbing Town,Dantu District,Zhenjiang City.
        Contact:Manager Ni  +86-13655297399
        Tel:+86-511-84353765    Fax:+86-511-84351765


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